Tuesday, December 31, 2013



The lawsuit does not affect A.P.E.'s ability to serve NOPD officers.  We know- and many of you already know too- that if you need a uniform shirt, pant, hat, etc., the same day or even the same week or month you visit a store, A.P.E. is the place to go.  
If you want the correct stripes, epaulets, SWAT emblems; if you want both pants legs hemmed and striped; if you want your patches sewn on and in the right position; if you want the name to stay on your traffic vest, A.P.E. is where to buy your uniforms.  So, when you hear the rumors that you cannot shop at A.P.E., that A.P.E. does not have NOPD uniforms anymore, know that it is a lie as big any you hear on the street.

In the end, all that our lawsuit seeks to do is stop what we feel is an injustice, and not just to A.P.E..  We obviously feel that for many reasons A.P.E. was slighted, but we also filed the lawsuit because YOU, the NOPD officer, are getting the short end of the stick as a result.  
More to come soon on that topic.

Be careful out there.

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