Tuesday, August 26, 2014



When last we posted, the City of New Orleans had just released the "new" uniform bid for 2014. As we pointed out, it was just as screwed up as the 2012 bid.  At the pre-bid conference, we raised so many issues that we were told there would be an addendum coming out to "fix the problems".  Well a couple of days later the problems sure got fixed- the bid was cancelled!

A few weeks ago, the city made another effort at putting out a bid.  This time there were some improvements made- all at the suggestion of the members of the NOPD Uniform Committee- but the bid request was so mistake-riddled that we still suggested three pages of corrections in order to make the thing bid-able.  

The end result? The bid was AGAIN cancelled.  As NOPD members of the local Police Organizations may have heard, the city is going to issue checks, as it did pre-vouchers, instead of making the officers wait even longer for the Purchasing Office to try to correct its mistakes.  

It looks like our fight against the city in the name of fairness and competence has netted the officers what they wanted all along- a return to the checks and an escape from an unacceptable contract with a subpar vendor.

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