Tuesday, January 7, 2014


but they are turning!

Just a quick update:

Our appeal of a New Orleans Civil District Judge's (Cates') denial of our request for preliminary injunction was heard today in the LA Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals.  It seems that the three judges (Ledet, Lobrano, Belsome) understood the case.  They were particularly weary of
the participation issue (explained more in a previous post).  We hope they also understood the problems with the bid/the prices.  An appearance in appellate court leaves attorneys with limited time, but we felt like ours did a solid job.  

At any rate, A.P.E. feels confident that the case can be won.  Of course, we've felt like this all along.  We expect to hear a decision in the next 2 or 3 months, so we will let you know then.  

Hopefully, as this case gets resolved, we can transition this blog to product and store information, not just lawsuit updates.  Until then, remember what we said in this blog's first post:
...if you need a uniform shirt, pant, hat, etc., the same day or even the same week or month you visit a store, A.P.E. is the place to go.  If you want the correct stripes, epaulets, SWAT emblems; if you want both pants legs hemmed and striped; if you want your patches sewn on and in the right position; if you want the name to stay on your traffic vest, A.P.E. is where to buy your uniforms.
A.P.E. will still be here to properly serve the NOPD (and the other agencies in our area) even if the courts do not properly serve us.

Visit our store at 9015 Airline Hwy in New Orleans or visit our website at www.ape911.com.

Be careful out there.

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